Private Investigator Misery Index 2016- 2017

The results of our annual survey are in: The private investigator misery index is a survey started in 2013, where licensed private investigators were asked which specializations they believe are the most miserable to work in. Unlike our least/most profitability survey, this survey includes 15 ranking factors: Start-up costs Scalability Barrier to entry Education requirements […]

Private Investigator Business Metrics – LTV

If you come from a law enforcement background you know the value of crime statistics and data.  Skilled investigators can evaluate crime data and develop possible suspects based solely on data evaluation.  Criminal analysts use this crime data to initiate investigations, develop leads and eventually close cases. But what about the private sector?  In the […]

Traditional paper office vs. paperless-Advise

A recent consultation resulting in an aspiring PI declaring:  “I want to set up my office to be 100% completely paperless.” While this strategy is fine, you must realize the terms “paperless  and 100%” should come with some exceptions. One very important exception: There are many clients who still prefer a traditional report and […]