Police Officers Retiring at Record Rates

By far, many of our inquiries are from retiring police officers thinking about entering the field (see retirement article from Chicago).  Unfortunately, your experience in law enforcement may not be the most important factor in determining your success in the private sector.  We have witnessed police chiefs, federal agents, supervisors with 30yrs of experience last […]

Private Investigator Misery Index

Over the past six months PiTrainingHQ.com sent out  surveys to hundreds licensed PIs all over the country to determine what they believe is the worst specialization to go into.  Some of the questions concerned profitability, job security, current economy, job threats, costs to run the business, safety, and quality of clientele. The average respondent has […]

What’s in a Name?

What should you name your P.I. Agency?  The answer of course is… that depends.  It depends on what your goals are, who your customers are and what reaction you want to create.  We’ve perused the expired licensing data of California with a few other states observed some pretty interesting non-renewed names of agencies.  Some include: […]