1.  Are your studies confidential? 

Yes, we do not release any reports to anyone but the client.  If the client wishes to use the report for financing or to show prospective investors it is up to the client.

2.  What if we need to revise the report?

You will be provided a PDF and Word version of the report.  If you would like us to revise the report we offer free revisions.

3.  Will my potential competitors become aware of us performing this pre-business research.


4.  What are the costs to conduct a study and how long does it take?

The feasibility studies costs between $499.99 and 2,995.00.  There are many factors that determine price:  Competition analysis, available market data, known industry data, clients experience, known surveys, primary data sources, secondary data sources, SWOT analysis, local market considerations and recommendations.

Some studies can be returned within 15-30 days while long-term studies take longer or until a significant amount of survey data is returned.  If your specialization includes a new study survey it may take 6 months or more time.

A feasibility study generally answers the question:  Can it be done?

A business plan answers the question: How it will be done?


5.  Do you offer feasibility studies for other businesses besides the private investigation field?

No, we focus only on private investigator specialties and the security field:  Some common specialties include:

Executive Protection

Insurance Fraud

Judgment Recovery

Computer Forensics Analyst

Process Server

Background Screening

6.  What are the reasons to use this service?