private_investigator_trainingWe recently conducted a SWOT analysis for a retiring police commander from New York.  The commander was interested in starting a business as a legal investigator assisting criminal defendants and attorneys.  The commander completed his questionnaire and provided his CV to us for review.  One of the questions the commander answered was his knowledge of his clients.  He stated, "I've been dealing with attorneys for 30 years, I know how they are and how they think."  Our recommendation to the commander in our synopsis was defense attorneys operate on a complete different level than prosecuting attorneys.   They use different language, are in a for-profit-business, belong to different associations and have a vested interest in their businesses.  The retiree said "ahhhh attorneys are attorneys...".

Attorneys are attorneys, however would you market differently to a defense attorney as opposed to a corporate business attorney? Of course you would... Know your client.

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  1. Zaki

    (Paperback) I’m thankful to the other three who left rewievs of this book and said it was helpful for the P.I exam.I found this book gave a great overall view of the P.I. business and its legal considerations. The scenarios were very enlightening. It mentioned the types of agencies and specific agency names where you would be gathering information. It was a well organized book. The second half is all the code sections which would apply to someone doing P.I. work. This book is a confidence builder for those making the transition from law enforcement or other fields, into the P.I. world.I also studied all the B&P codes, Power to Arrest Manual, Peace Officer Q&As etc., recommended by the licensing board (and available on their website : […].Now that I passed the exam I will be keeping this book on hand as a valuable reference/refresher. Good luck to you all.

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