The results of our annual survey are in:

The private investigator misery index is a survey started in 2013, where licensed private investigators were asked which specializations they believe are the most miserable to work in. Unlike our least/most profitability survey, this survey includes 15 ranking factors:

  1. Start-up costs
  2. Scalability
  3. Barrier to entry
  4. Education requirements
  5. Experience requirements
  6. Licensing requirements
  7. Liability
  8. Profitability
  9. Physical safety
  10. Future legislation that may impact the specialty
  11. Other future threats to the niche
  12. Type of clientele
  13. Transferability of the specialization
  14. Divisibility of assets
  15. Commodity of the specialty
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  1. john powers

    Process serving is on the bottom rung of the investigation field you will make more as a pizza delivery guy and its not as dangerous. Oh yeah and you don’t have to deal with low-life attorneys either…

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