pitrainchecklist12Over the past six months PiTrainingHQ.com sent out  surveys to hundreds licensed PIs all over the country to determine what they believe is the worst specialization to go into.  Some of the questions concerned profitability, job security, current economy, job threats, costs to run the business, safety, and quality of clientele. The average respondent has been in the investigation business for over 5 years and listed this specialization as one that they could not recommend to a friend.  The specialization that current licensed investigators say not to go into is...







Respondents listed their reasons as:

Low margins

Gas prices

50K miles/yr on car is average for full-time employed

Threats from forwarders

Multiple serves at the address reducing profit or actually losing money

People no longer answer the door

High volume low margin business (high volume during the foreclosure phase but not now)

Clients unwilling to pay for a surveillance

Established large firms offering low prices by using sub-contractual employees.

Surveys provide an insight to what is really happening out there in the field by real people and not just hype.  Please note: Jurisdictional variations do occur.  For example, process serving in one area may be profitable, but not in another.  If you are considering a career change in this area we recommend conducting some due diligence.

PItrainingHQ.com provides pre-business feasibility studies on investigator niches and their viability.


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