Most people would not consider building a new house without hiring an expert to professionally complete blueprints with an architecture plan.  Yet, more than a majority of private investigators are willing to start a business without a business or marketing plan!  A business may turn out to be one of your biggest assets, so do not be like most PIs.  There are many pros to writing a business plan:

  • It forces you to address critical issues that you may not address or put off
  • Makes sure you are reaching your incremental goals
  • Prepares you should your decide to take on a partner
  • Should your business become successful and potential buyers come knocking on your door being prepared with a proper updated business plan will be advantageous to your bargaining position.

Most private investigators business plans look like this:




This is one of the many reasons most PIs will never last past 2 years in the business.  Don't be like most PIs.

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