You've spent 25 years in your police department and have seen enough.  Watching your colleagues, (retired police officers in Detroit) worry about the state of the city and the pension system is keeping you awake at night.  You decide to pack up the family and move south to Florida to start your own business.  You submit your application for a private investigators license and within a few months you have a license.  You rent an office in the city and hire a receptionist to answer your phone.  You take out a home equity line of credit to fund the new operation.  You spend 4K on a new website and some marketing materials.  So far your total investment is 35K plus time. Three months go by and... you have not had one dime of revenue or a single client!  How can this be? You are a highly decorated, experienced retired police captain.

Don't take this route, save yourself a lot of time and money and reach out to someone prior to getting into business.

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