How does a Private Investigator decide on which services to offer?

Being stuck in a low-paying private investigation niche is not a good business model.

A recent consultation resulted in a PI saying, "I feel comfortable in the niche because its what I have always done, even though it is low-paying and the margins are small."

Most new PI's or transitioning PI's will pick a specialty that they feel comfortable with.  Your clients could care less about your comfort level.  Clients are more demanding than ever, they want answers and they want results.  When selecting a private investigative niche, your level of comfort should be your last consideration.  Simply because you are competent at something or have being doing it for years doesn't mean you should continue offering it.

Your business decisions should be made on sound business metrics and known industry data.

How are you positioned in the niche?

Is the market increasing?

What does the research data suggest?

Who is the typical customer?

Is it scalable?

When selecting an investigative niche get out of your "comfort zone" and pursue niches that will sustain your business in the long run.

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