A recent PITrainingHQ.com consultation resulting in an aspiring PI declaring:  "I want to set up my office to be 100% completely paperless."

While this strategy is fine, you must realize the terms "paperless  and 100%" should come with some exceptions.

One very important exception:

There are many clients who still prefer a traditional report and invoicing format.  If you client desires your investigative reports in a traditional format you should provide it to them.   It is appropriate to inform them of your paperless capabilities,  but provide them with their preferred method.

Imagine this scenario:

Client:  "Mail me the report and your invoice and I'll make sure you get paid right away, thank you for your help on this case."

Investigator: "I run a modern, paperless office and only upload my reports to the cloud and invoice electronically."

You may never hear from this client again with this type of response.

The best way to run your office is to offer a hybrid service - whatever the client desires, provide it to them.  Declaring your office a "totally paperless" environment is short-sided and may turn away clients who prefer traditional methods.  It is difficult enough acquiring and retaining clients, don't be rigid with your policies just because it appears to be new trend.  An aspiring PI should be focusing more on client acquisition and marketing than on popular new office procedures.

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