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Starting a Private Investigation Business?

It is estimated between 250 and 500 private investigators are newly licensed every month in the United States. Unfortunately, the same amount of licensed private investigators do not renew their licenses or go out of business.  Contributing to the high failure rate is many aspiring and newly licensed investigators fail to properly research and plan for the critical stages of running a business.  Dedicating significant resources (time/money) into a new business venture without proper research is similar to buying a home with no pre-purchase home inspection. helps you to learn about the “business side” of running an agency which is critically important to the success or failure of the venture.

Pre-licensing Business Research & PI Agency Profitability

Tom“I recommend anyone who is looking to start a business in this field to read some of what your site has to offer.  The PI-Niche Mini-Marketing Course really opened my eyes to things I never even thought of.  Simply put, your 30+ years of law enforcement experience is meaningless unless you know how to acquire and keep business.”

Tom Demato

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