Consulting Opportunities is looking for qualified candidates:

Seeking retired or investigation consultants with business expertise.  You must have at least 10 years experience in the area in which you would like to consult in.  Please post your resume in the box below:


Must have worked full-time in the investigative specialization for a minimum of 10 years

Must be willing to sign a confidentiality/privacy and non-compete with clients

Must be willing to discuss your successes and failures candidly with clients

Must be willing to conduct consultations by phone , Skype or sometimes in-person.

Must be willing to discuss strategy and maintain confidentiality

If currently licensed you must certify there is no conflict of interest with the aspirant

Areas of Private Investigation Specialties:

Executive Protection (worked or owned)

Opposition Research


Insurance Fraud (worked or owned)


Handwriting analysis

Computer Forensics

Pre-employment Screening

Accident Reconstruction

Criminal Defense

Domestic/Family Law

Uniformed Security

Also seeking experienced business owners who have successfully divested or sold their businesses for two thresholds:

  • < 1 million in revenue
  • > 1 million in revenue
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